Hello and greetings to you all, my name is Mr. Scott Karaptian, Pentwater Public Schools K-12 principal and superintendent. I would like to welcome all of our students, families and community members to Pentwater Public Schools. Our entire staff is comprised of very dedicated and highly qualified education professionals, paraprofessionals and support staff. Our number one priority is to educate ALL of our students in a safe and supportive educational environment, where we strive to support our motto, “Where everybody is somebody.”

Pentwater Public Schools is within a tourism community in the village of Pentwater. The 2015 population in the village is 881. The village of Pentwater is 1.3 square miles. Students attending Pentwater Public Schools are from the Pentwater Village, Pentwater Township and school of choice students within Oceana County. Pentwater Township population as of 2015 census report is 1506. Pentwater Public Schools is a single building district with grade levels of K-12. Community partners for the school include West Shore Educational Service District (WSESD), and local business within the Pentwater Chamber of Commerce.

Pentwater Public Schools has one teacher per grade level K – 6th grade. While the secondary level teachers are primarily 1 teacher per core content area as well as a Physical Education teacher, a music teacher, a special education teacher and music teacher for a total of 11 teachers (19 total highly qualified teachers). There are two building administrators (superintendent/principal and assistant principal) and three school administrative assistants. WSESD itinerary staff provide support at the school level with counseling/school social work, speech and language services, and Occupational and Physical Therapy as needed based on IEP’s. There are also six support staff /paraprofessionals.

Our Mission, Vision and Goals

Our mission is to provide an environment that encourages each child to succeed both academically and socially as a member of their community. Our vision is to educate and inspire each child to reach their highest potential and to become a contributing member of society. Our goals are to improve student achievement and develop/ maintain a safe and efficient school operations.

Again, welcome to Pentwater Public Schools and we encourage all of the parents and community members to stop in for a visit, or to get involved with our school community, whether it is with the PTCO, volunteering in a classroom or with an event, we would be most appreciative of any and all of your time, efforts, cooperation and support!

See you soon!


Scott Karaptian, Ph.D.