Required Childhood Immunizations for Michigan School Settings

School communicable disease rules are the minimum standard for preventing disease outbreaks in school settings. To best protect patients from all diseases we have the power to prevent, healthcare providers in Michigan follow the 2015 Recommended Immunization Schedule at or Effective January 1, 2015, parents/guardians must obtain a certified nonmedical waiver from a local health department.

If you have any questions regarding your child’s immunization status with Pentwater Public Schools, please contact Shelly Hugo at 231-869-4100 ex. 211.


More than 1.35 million children and youth experience homelessness each year. These young people may be living on the streets, but they are most often in shelters or temporarily living with family or friends after losing housing or having financial problems.


Homeless children and youth often have problems enrolling and participating in school. As a result, Congress passed the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act in 1987. This law gives homeless children and youth the right to:

  • Remain in the same school even if they move;

  • Enroll in a new school without typically required records such as proof of residency, immunizations, school records, or other papers;

  • Get transportation to school;

  • Get all the school services they need; and

  • Challenge decisions made by schools and districts.

The Pentwater Public School district has a “Homeless Liaison” in charge of making sure students who are homeless can enroll and succeed in school. The Homeless Liaison for Pentwater is Mr. Scott Karaptian and he can be contacted at 231-869,4100 ex. 226 or by email at

You may also reach Mr. Scott Karaptian at Pentwater Public Schools, 600 E. Park St., Pentwater, MI 49449.


Schools of Choice programs provide students with additional enrollment opportunities, which range from allowing students to determine which school within the resident district they will enroll, to allowing non-resident students to enroll in a district other than their own. Participation in choice programs is optional for districts. The degree and extent of participation are determined at the local level, including details such as application and enrollment dates, and which building, grades or programs will be accepting enrollment under a choice program. Interested parties need to contact Superintendent Scott Karaptian at (231)869-4100 ex. 226 or for detailed information regarding Pentwater Public Schools’ program.


Dear Parents:

Pentwater Public Schools does not provide any type of health or accident insurance for injuries incurred by your child at school.

As a service to students and their families, our school is making available a student accident insurance plan for your child at a very nominal cost. The district offers this program because of trends in raising family health and dental insurance costs, increased deductibles, co-payments, or lack of health or dental insurance coverage.


  1. Deductible and co-pays in your health plan. Many health plans have increased the amount of out-of-pocket expenses.

  2. No insurance.

This plan will provide benefits for medical expenses incurred because of an accident. If you have other insurance, benefits can be applied to your deductible or co-pays.

If you have no other insurance this will become your primary accident plan.

PURCHASE COVERAGE ONLINE (with Visa or Mastercard)

At and then follow directions by choosing STATE and SCHOOL DISTRICT. The PDF of the brochure/enrollment form is currently available online at, where you may either print the PDF and enroll through the mail with a check or money OR enroll with a credit card.

All questions regarding this coverage should be directed to First Agency, Inc. @ (269) 381-6630 or toll free @ (800) 243-6298.

How to find the brochure PDF and/or enroll online:

Go to “Find your school”; select the state; hit “Go” From there, you can download and print the brochure/enrollment form PDF and enroll via the mail OR enroll online with a credit card